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Sponsor a Student

    Bridging the gap between tuition and the true cost to educate a student in our unique Extended Day/Extended Year program.  Opportunities are available at various sponsorship levels, as well as the option to join with family and friends to sponsor a student. More details are available below.

    More than a Mission, a Miracle Everyday

    You can be confident that your gift will make a significant, positive impact on the life of a La Salle Academy student. Ideally, Sponsor a Student pledges are for six years, one for each school year at LSA. You can donate or pledge:

    • $10,000 Full-Year Sponsorship for one student

    • $5,000 Half-Year Sponsorship for one student

    • $2,500 Quarter-Year Sponsorship for one student

    Please contact Megan G. Thomson to participate in this program.

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