1434 North 2nd Street | Philadelphia, PA 19122

6th Grade


    The sixth-grade students are using their keys of being Respectful, Responsible, Peaceful, Motivated, and Consistent to start this school year with positive energy and high expectations.
    Daily, students are consistently staying within their designated learning areas, wearing masks, and practicing safe distancing during school hours.
    Sixth-grade students are not only showing daily respect to their classmates and all LSA Staff, but they have a common goal to make a difference in their neighborhoods. They are making a collective effort to create ways to express kindness to the homeless and hungry by planning a Service-Learning Project that will bring support and comfort to those in need.
    Best of all, the sixth-grade students are demonstrating motivation and responsibility by grasping and excelling at the new skills of Eureka Math, and the Language Arts lessons of their Journey literature activities.
    I am certain that the sixth-grade students will continue to excel, and I am looking forward to helping each of them to discover the potential of success still yet to come!

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