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We Welcome You!

A letter from John Fenninghman, Chairman of The Board

          La Salle Academy’s vitality has been nurtured by many dedicated individuals, including our Founding Board Members, continuing Board Members, President, Principal, Administrative Staff, Faculty, Volunteers, and Benefactors. We collectively devote our energies, in varying ways, to our Students and Graduates and we thank them for entrusting us with their Catholic, faith-based education.

          The sustainability of our Mission to educate is, in large measure, driven by the uniqueness of our Board.  We, as a Board, are not only stewards and ambassadors of La Salle Academy but, owners as well.  Board Members are also active managers as Members of our operational Committees:  Education; Finance; Long-Range Planning; Development; and Trusteeship are not just designations but embody the partnership of our Board with our Administrators and Faculty.

          Lasallian education is built upon faith, service, and community focus.  A strong and vibrant supportive community is a sign of God’s presence among us, a defining element of a Lasallian education.  La Salle Academy is a work-in-progress example of a bonded, genuine community.

          Our community commits to a quality, Catholic education that can guide all of us, including our Students, to enriched experiences.

        I am sincerely grateful for the generous support of time and talent from so many donors, benefactors, and friends.  Your generosity enables us to continue to provide a faith-based education to our students to offset and overcome conditions of inner-city obstacles such as poverty, lack of employment opportunities, and health risks. This generosity enables LSA to provide our students with knowledge, self-confidence, and belief in their ability to overcome these obstacles.

          We hope to welcome you to visit LSA soon.  You will see, firsthand, a vibrant, engaged atmosphere enabling students and families to embrace learning, love, and hope in their futures.

John C. Fenningham, Esquire
Chair, La Salle Academy Board of Trustees