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7th Grade


    The early ending of the last school year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 taught the students of La Salle Academy something unbelievably valuable. The peers of LSA learned a different form of appreciation. They learned to appreciate the time spent with their classmates and teachers. Based on this, they constructed their own goals for the 2020-2021 school year. Our goals for the school year are to help virtual students feel part of the class, read, and write twice the amount they did last year, serve as role models to the younger classes, and find time to assist the homeless and hungry in the city of Philadelphia.


    Experiments and learning in the Science lab are a big part of the La Salle Academy Science curriculum. This year teaching and learning through labs has been a big challenge. There have been days where learning is from home and there are limitations to the space we can use in school. "Mr. Shack" is bringing a new phrase to our students; instead of “thinking outside of the box,” they are “thinking about Science inside the home, outside the box, and in the world.” Students created phases of the moon experiment using Oreo cookies, paper, and glue instead of flashlights. They know that the time will come soon when they can return to experiments inside the LSA Science Lab, and until then they will learn on a uniquely 2021 journey.

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