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3rd Grade


    This year the 3rd-grade is going to work on our school's theme; LSA: We Are One by following the Five Goals every day, inside and outside of school, as we learn to become empathetic, accepting, and compassionate students of La Salle Academy. We are excited to become better readers and writers and to memorize our multiplication skills before fourth grade! We are looking forward to learning as much as we can about Jesus at our new Catholic school.


    The 3rd graders had the opportunity to witness history together on January 20th as they watched the 2021 Presidential Inauguration. They reflected on what they witnessed and practiced taking Friendship Oaths. This, in conjunction with their research on Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired them to think about their dreams for their futures in the world we live in. In math, they are working toward their goal of memorizing their multiplication facts. They are excited to be using this knowledge and applying it to finding the area and perimeter of shapes. They even created drawings using unit squares and areas!

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