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Fine Arts

Believing that our students are all blessed with multiple intelligences, the Board and faculty of La Salle Academy value Art and Music as part of our curriculum.  Often through the process of creating art and making music, students reach a level of self-understanding and self-expression.  Self-esteem is built and fostered as the students express their inner thoughts through creativity.   The Fine Arts Room located in the Enrichment Center is shared by both the Music and Art teacher.   Students happily participate in Art and Music classes once a week.  Classes are supplemented with weekly Art Enrichment Clubs, Choir rehearsals and guitar and piano lessons.  Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions to highlight their skills and abilities.  A special treat for families and friends occur twice a year at the finale of Ballroom Dancing lessons.  After ten weeks of instruction in the Tango, Waltz, Meringue, Swing, fifth through eighth graders entertain the LSA community as they compete for the covenant trophies for Best Dancers.  Our dancers will one day advance from Dancing with the Students to Dancing with the Stars.