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Mrs. Fynes' 5th Grade

This trimester, fifth graders will continuing to learn and practice the skills
and strategies of effective readers, and enjoy the fiction and nonfiction texts
in our Reading Street series. In addition, we are busy practicing the 6 Traits
of Writing in various narrative, expository, and opinion writing pieces during
our daily Writer's Workshop time--and completing our own newspaper for LSA
students and their families!  

We will work hard in the science lab to investigate gravity, acceleration,
and chemical reactions.In math, we are solving complex real-world problems using
the four operations and involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and mixed

In social studies, we are completing our study of the regions of the United
States and will be learning about our country's closest neighbors, Canada and
Mexico. We continue to explore the seven sacraments in religion class.

Most importantly, fifth graders will continue to support each other in our
learning and in our lives. We are joyful learners who are ready to share what we
know with others inside and outside of our school!