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Ms. Dembeck's 4th Grade

The first two and a half months have been an adventurous ride for the 4th graders.  Early in the school year, the class as a whole was forced to make a major adjustment.  The 4th graders had to make an adjustment from Mrs. Dembeck’s teaching style to Mr. Rossi’s teaching style.  For most students, Mr. Rossi has been their first male teacher.  The class has transitioned successfully and has continued to work extremely hard while maintaining their dedication to the 5 goals of La Salle Academy.

The first trimester has been a success for the 4th grade team, but our adventurous ride continues.  Moving forward, we know that we have become MASTERS in everything that we learn, each day.  At the start of the second trimester in Math, students will be looking to develop fluency in multiplying 1 and 2 digit numbers.  In Language Arts, we will be learning the skills of Cause and Effect and Drawing Conclusions.  Over the next couple of months, the 4th graders will be working hands-on in Science, mainly discussing the topic of Chemistry.  In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about our great state of Pennsylvania.  Finally, the 4th graders, Mr. Rossi, and Mrs. Dembeck will continue trying our absolute hardest to be the best disciples of God as we can be. 

The 4th graders adventurous ride doesn’t end here.  Mrs. Dembeck is expected back after the Christmas holiday break.  These intelligent and inquisitive 4th graders will have to make that adjustment back to Mrs. Dembeck’s teaching style.