Brief Overview

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We serve the poorest of the poor 

Average family income for a family of four is only $18,500

100% of our families qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program

10% of our students live with a grandparent or with another family member

64% of our students are from single parent homes

8% of our students have one parent incarcerated


We have a uniquely diverse student population

                    • 50% Latino
                    • 33% African American
                    • 14% Caucasian
                    • 2% African
                    • 1% Vietnamese


La Salle Academy makes a proven difference

                    • Approaching a 90% High School Graduation Rate
                    • 96% Daily Attendance
                    • 95% Retention Rate
                    • 20 point average increase in Terra Nova Scores over a 6 year period


Our Model Works!

Parent or Guardian commitment to education

Extended School Day from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Extended School Year (Sept. – July)

Structured, mixed age after school activities

Experienced and certified teachers

Comprehensive Graduate Support Program

Full time social worker on staff